• * * The TMCS TRAINING, MANAGEMENT, CONSULTING SERVICES, LTD. is a Training organization certified by the institute for quality management in the Employment and Labour Relations), which utilizes a registered trademark of the DENTAL SCHOOL to the specific development of our education in the field of Dentistry. We are also certified in several areas of training, which is listed in our web site, with a wide range of courses, which focus on training that is responsive to the needs and requirements of a true professional preparation in the ever-changing, which is the insertion in the labour market requires of us.

• All of our certificate training coming through the platform, I The Information system and the Management of the Provision of Education and Training), coordinated by the / ME)-Ministry of Education and Science, as laid down in the Decree 474/2010, and it's a recognition of a national and international level (as defined in the Policy: 89/48 and 92/51 EC).

• In addition to the certification referred to above, THE TMCS, LTD., because they are committed to a training of excellence, and reputation, and to assign to our students, who are enrolled in a course of a long-term one a certificate of merit.

• The start and, therefore, our certificate will also respond to the requirements of the Labor Code, Act no. 93/2019, 04 September, which sets out the requirement for the training in the business, providing a minimum of 40 hours per year, per employee.

All certificates are issued on the basis of a rigorous process of assessment, both qualitative and quantitative. At the conclusion of our training we support our students and corporate clients across the implementation of and follow-up on-the-job or in a stage-assisted for a one-of-trainers/coordinators of the course, the only course of long-term, in order to ensure the consolidation of the acquired knowledge and improve your professional performance.