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THE TMCS. Ltd., in addition to the field of medicine and dentistry intended to be an offer by the training provided in the teacher training for the development of personal, social, and other areas, with a wide range of courses that are aimed at responding to the needs and demands of our day and age.
The focus on training to each and every one of us is not only a valuable asset, and personal enrichment as the real preparation for the ever-changing, which is the insertion in the job market now and in the future will require of us.
You want to be a school of excellence, best practices in teaching and methods of teaching/learning and innovative faculty members who are experienced, and with a high level of recognition in the national and international levels.
The best reward will be a testimony of satisfaction.


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Yes it is, but if there is no reason why proof is valid, and you accept, you may be liable to pay for the training in the absence, in accordance with the contract of training, which he signed.

Our certificate training coming through the platform, I The Information system and the Management of the Provision of Education and Training), coordinated by the / ME)-Ministry of Education and Science, as laid down in the Decree 474/2010, and it's a recognition of a national and international level (as defined in the Policy: 89/48 and 92/51 EC).

Payment may be made in cash (and hence benefit from a discount or benefits as may be agreed upon at the time of the registration. 
The payments will always be made by bank transfer or by cheque. 

We have partnerships with the following Hotels:
PortHotel PortusCale (Av. in the Boavista area), 10 minutes walking distance from the place of training or even Hotel Moov Northern Portugal North to the Shopping mall) in 10 minutes by car.
LisbonHotel Diamond, R. Tomás Ribeiro) is a 1-minute location for the training.

Port: parking, Public Parking on the stage of the Boavista area, or on the streets, on the side (subject to parking meter)
Lisbon's Park of the air conditioning (drop in and pay a daily ticket at the time of the car)

Port: the output of the Honest – to 10-minutes away from the venue of the training.
London: the output of the Picoas – a 1-minute walk from the site of formation.