The Dental School, and TMCS. Ltd. is a training organization certified that is committed to excellence in education in the field of oral health. We aim to equip our trainees and technicians in the development of their skills in the areas of oral health care (preventive, treatment and maintenance of oral and dental aesthetics.  

Education/Professional Degree Top oral health

Our classes are structured in accordance with the provisions of the DGERT (the Body of the Portuguese government with responsibility for and makes sure all the educational institutions). In this way, the TMCS, LTD – Dental School training organisation accredited in the field of Dental Sciences, ensures that its graduates a certificate, duly recognized both nationally and internationally (in accordance with Directives 89/48 EEC and 92/51 EC). In addition to the aforementioned certification and because of our training, reputation, and assign it to our students in the diploma of merit.


To be a reference in courses, Higher than in the field of Dentistry

The Dental School is intended to be a nationally and internationally recognized for the quality of its teaching, through the expertise of their staff to the trainers, through the use of a method of teaching/learning and innovative for its role in the training and professional development of our students.


To transform students into professionals-differentiated

Through the course of Higher Vocational Education in Dentistry, we are preparing for the Medical and Dental market is increasingly competitive and demanding. Our mission is to bring to the Uk, new technologies and other approaches have updated to serve as a differentiating factor for our students.


⦁ To contribute to the training of professional Excellence”

⦁ To respond to the new challenges and needs for the training and integration of our students are registered in the job market.

⦁ To provide a contribution to the health and well-being of the people who have been looking for.

“The Dental School is committed to the promotion of a culture of sharing. We're better when we're together, and we've been together for the better.”


Prof. ª Dr. ª Rita Baratela Thurler

Managing partner and head of the Dental School, TMCS, Ltd

The expert and Master's degree in Orthodontics from the University of the City of São Paulo, brazil.
With a doctorate in Dentistry, area of concentration in the Laser-Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul.
A director on the company's Baratela Done. Ltd
Coordinator for the University Cruzeiro do Sul
She is a researcher in Dentistry: Orthodontics and aesthetics.

New Challenges, New Opportunities...

After the courses of specialization in Orthodontics, Lingual, in the Uk for the past 4 years, we decided to combine efforts in the creation of a new kind of School “the Dental School, and TMCS.LTD.” with that, the purpose of which is to be an International Centre for Training and Professional Expertise, Superior in the field of Dentistry. 
Focused on the enhancement and improvement of the professional training for the medical and dental graduates, and others, to provide you with access to the techniques and methodologies with the latest and most innovative. The Dental School in the Uk will be included among the best in the science community at the international level, and will be on its staff, with national and international experts from a recognised, reputable, and the most high, the feedback.
Add our desire to enhance the expertise of the professionals working every day to collaborate with the team and have the opportunity to be more qualified and skilled in their areas of expertise. A joint effort that will require a commitment, and a commitment to the mutual benefit of the ideal that we satisfy all our users and to enhance the smiles of our patients!

Dr. Tavares da Silva

The owner and administrator of Dental School, TMCS, Ltd

He graduated in Philosophy from the University of the Civil Harbor, and in the Humanities at the Catholic University of portugal.
He was the director for the Centre of the District for the Social Security of the Port, and the director of Human Resources and in-house Training in the I. E. P. (Instituto do Emprego e formação Profissional, I. P.) to the North. The Sub-manager of the Operational Programme for the Training of Trainers of the CSF-R/ESF to the north. Member of several Boards of Directors of the Centres for the Training and management subsidiary, with the I. E. P.
Trainer-of-trainers, and certified by the I. E. P.

The Dental School is a registered trade mark of the TMCS.Ltd., a training organization certified by the institute for quality and for the development of the specific of our education in the field of Dentistry.
In addition to this the area we are also certified in many areas, as is described on our website. We aim to cover a education from the teacher training courses (for both our staff and others) the development of personal, social, and other areas, with a wide range of courses that are aimed at responding to the needs and demands of our day and age.
The focus on training to each and every one of us is not only a valuable asset, and personal enrichment as the real preparation for the ever-changing, which is the insertion in the job market now and in the future will require of us.
You want to be a school of excellence, best practices in teaching and methods of teaching/learning and innovative faculty members who are experienced, and with a high level of recognition in the national and international levels.
The best reward will be a testimony of satisfaction.



rita baratela

Prof. ª Dr. ª Rita Baratela

The expert and Master's degree in Orthodontics from the University of the City of São Paulo, brazil.
With a doctorate in Dentistry, area of concentration in the Laser-Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul.


Prof. Dr. Mauro Macedo

A master's in Orthodontics, SP
A specialist in Orthodontics (PE)
A specialist in Orthopedics, Facial -EP
Post-graduate study in Functional Jaw Orthopedics, and Closure, SP
An expert in dental implants, PE


Prof. ª Dr. ª Cláudia Pacheco

Doctor Dentist, a Specialist in paediatric dentistry of the Federal University of Minas Gerais, brazil.
It operates in the field of Functional Jaw Orthopedics, Orthodontics, and Harmonizaçao Facial

Prof Dr Peter Paul Liked A @ Youtube

Doctorate in Clinical Dentistry-F. O. U. s. P.;
A specialist in Prosthetic dentistry-C.-F. O.;
A specialist in Temporomandibular disorder and Orofacial Pain-C.-F. O.;
The author of the book Flow: A clinical approach to the Dental Occlusion.

Prof. ª Dr. ª Linda Barison

Doctor Dentist from the University of Lisbon, portugal.
Trained Surgeon the dentist for the OSEC – São Paulo-brazil
With a post graduate degree in Radiology at the university of são paulo, São Paulo, and by UNICID São Paulo in 1991
She is a charter member of the IPRO – Instituto Paulista de Radiologia Odontológica

Master Course Birte Melsen

Professor Birte Melsen

Professor Melsen has authored more than 400 publications in the field of growth and development based on the research of human autopsy material, bone biology and clinical implant studies. In recent years, her professional interests have focused primarily on the fields of Skeletal Anchorage, the Virtual Imaging, and Adult Orthodontic Treatment.